Diet for women

About the diet

The Prodietix 7-Days Diet is a protein diet, also known as ketogenic, ketone or keto-diet. It is a medical procedure that was described for the first time by Professor Blackburn at Harvard University in the US. It is based on the assumption that if the diet is sufficiently rich on proteins, and carbohydrates and fats are reduced, then a state called ketosis shall be induced in the human body.
Ketosis causes reduction of weight, especially at the expense of your fat tissue. However, due to proteins, the muscle tissue remains preserved. And that's also the reason why there is no yo-yo dieting, that means, you shall not subsequently put on weight again. If you adhere to the principles described below, you can expect to lose with our 7-Days Diet between 1.5-3 kg per week.

How to create the menu

There are two variants of the Prodietix 7-Days Diet: for men and women. In both options, the client can eat every 3-4 hours a protein meal, i.e. five meals a day. To select your meals is very simple: during the day you choose one meal (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner) from each category. Nutritional value of all meals is very similar, so it does not matter if you have a vanilla- or chocolate-flavoured cocktail for breakfast, you just have to choose a meal from the breakfast category.

How to eat the allowed types of vegetable?

You can eat the permitted types of vegetable raw as well as cooked (by stewing, frying or roasting). You can use them as a side dish of protein meals, separate dish or as more meals (you can snack them throughout the day). To prepare vegetables, use daily two tablespoons of cold-pressed oil (olive, rapeseed, sesame, linseed, or hemp oil). You can season your meals with salt, pepper, cumin or herbs, but also with one tablespoon of soy sauce (unsweetened), one tablespoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of Dijon mustard (unsweetened) or vinegar (without limitation of quantity and type, except for apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar) and a substitute plant-based sweetener – stevia.

List of allowed types of vegetable

Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, chicory plant, small radish, radish, cucumber, spinach, mangold, green beans, cabbage, kale, celery and celeriac, fennel, mushrooms, asparagus, aubergine, marrow/patisson, cress, artichoke, turnip, all kinds of lettuce, all herbs, dried onion and dried garlic.

Three basic conditions for proper dieting

  • Drinking habits: at least 2-3 l / day of unflavoured water.

If you like drinking coffee, you can drink twice a day plain black coffee (Turkish coffee or espresso) without milk and sugar or two cups of green or black tea without sugar. You can also drink decaffeinated coffee (caffeine slows down the ketosis).

  • Consumption of vegetables: at least 300-500 g of selected types of “allowed” vegetables, but not more than 1000 g per day.

You can eat vegetables as a side dish of protein meals or as a snack between the meals.

  • The regularity of meals: you should consume approximately every 3-4 hours a protein meal.

The first meal shall be eaten within a half-hour after waking up and the last two hours before bedtime.

What to avoid while dieting?

Do not consume anything that is not strictly allowed, even a half of a roll (or twirl bread) or a small beer can interrupt the ketosis and, thus, stop to lose weight

Do not add any new physical activity, any aerobic activities such as fast walking, slow running, Nordic walking, etc. are appropriate

The content of the package:

title protein pcs in package


Vanilla-flavoured cocktail 15 g 1
Chocolate-flavoured cocktail 15 g 1
Strawberry-flavoured cocktail 15 g 1
Caramel-flavoured cocktail 15 g 1
Banana-flavoured cocktail 18 g 1
Apricot-flavoured cocktail 18 g 1
Cocktail with the flavour of pear and chocolate 18 g 1


Hot chocolate-flavoured drink 15 g 1
Hot cappuccino-flavoured drink 15 g 1
Cold cappuccino-flavoured drink 18 g 1
Pineapple-flavoured cold drink 15 g 1
Cold drink with the flavour of peach and mango 15 g 1
Orange-flavoured cold drink 18 g 1
Cold drink with the flavour of forest fruit 18 g 1


Champignon soup 15 g 1
Chicken soup 15 g 1
Vegetable soup   15 g 1
Curry soup 15 g 1
Pea soup 18 g 1
Broccoli soup 18 g 1
Leek soup 18 g 1


bars & waffles
Chocolate bar 15 g 1
Vanilla-flavoured bar 15 g 1
Strawberry-flavoured bar 15 g 1
Coconut-flavoured bar 15 g 1
Vanilla-flavoured waffle 15 g 1
Chocolate-flavoured waffle 15 g 1
Coffee-flavoured waffle 15 g 1


Cheese-flavoured omelette 18 g 1
Omelette with herbs 18 g 1
Ceps-flavoured omelette 18 g 1
Cheese-flavoured croutons 13 g 1
Bacon-cheese-flavoured pancake 18 g 1
Salmon pancake 18 g 1
Fusilli pasta 30 g 1
Prodietix shaker 1

A typical day

Below you will find an example of the selection of protein meals for one day of dieting. The times given next to particular courses are based on the assumption that the client gets up at 6:30 a.m. and goes to bed around 10 p.m. If your active day is longer – you go to bed later or get up earlier), you can extend the interval between meals up to 4 hours, but not longer.

7:00 10:00 13:00 16:00 19:00
breakfast morning snack lunch afternoon snack dinner
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